Sunday, August 31, 2008


Our final adventure of our Jersey shore vacation was a Pirate Adventure boat trip.

Our friends had done this before and recommended it, and thank goodness they did, because the kids felt this was one of the highlights of our trip!

The picture here shows Pirate Megan helping the kids chart a course (This way and down!) to find pirate treasure in the bay near Ocean City, New Jersey.

The trip was just over an hour and it was full of fun and excitement, including a lengthy water battle with Pirate Pete (I think) who pulled up next to our boat and doused everyone in reach with buckets of water! Tater took cover after the initial "attack", but Sprout was a full-on participant - soaking wet and loving it!

The crew was awesome, the kids were engaged and entertained the whole time. They want to go back again next year! Highly recommended! You need reservations - we called a couple of days ahead, but I am not sure it needs to be that far out. Of course their season ends tomorrow...but a great idea for next year!

We also finally finished the shoebox aquarium. Tater wanted to wait until we got home to use the blue plastic wrap, so we finished it up yesterday. Cool, huh?

And no, the floor isn't crooked. Bad camera work.

The other big update is that Hermie is no longer with us. Either he came to us sick, or we just completely stink at hermit crab care, but we found him essentially in pieces at the bottom of his tank on Thursday. Oops.

Tater took it like a trooper and insisted that we go right out and "adopt" Hermie 2. We are being extra careful with him. One dead hermit crab, and you can say it was a fluke. Two and it starts to be a little fishy. Sea creature joke...sorry.

We are back home now. Fully unpacked and ready to go. School starts Tuesday! One more day of summer. We are going to have a picnic with some friends, which will be a nice ending to the season. We went to the pool for the last time today - our YMCA membership ends for the summer tomorrow.

So I survived my first SAHM summer. Well, SAH while WAHM summer...whew!

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