Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Fun Mommies

Hello world!

We are Esther and Kristen and we are "The Fun Mommies"!! Very soon we are going to bring you a product called "Barrel of Chipmunks" (more fun than a barrel of monkeys!)

As working Mom's we always longed for more time with our kids. But then when faced with blocks of time with them we were at a loss for what to do that would be fun, engaging, and memorable.

We had stacks of books with craft ideas, activity ideas, recipes. But to sit down and sift through them and find a good one, organize the materials, etc was more effort than we could bear.

But we wondered, what if it was easier...what if we knew what we were going to do and could focus on just having fun with the kids. Isn't that the whole point!?

Friday, June 27, 2008

What if...

You could be the fun mommy?

You had ideas for every day of the week for how to engage with and entertain your kids.

Your friends would say "How did you think of that?" and "I wish I was that creative."

What if we could help?