Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I took the kids to the driving range today, although the totality of golf coaching that I can provide (because it was what my Dad always told me, since I was generally doing it wrong) is 'bend your knees' and 'keep your eye on the ball'.

They were both insistent that they needed a LARGE bucket of balls...each.
That is 105 balls per child.
210 chances for the ball to backfire and knock out my teeth.

Luckily, they are better than that and had pretty impressive control over the club (still have all my teeth!) And really, the 'bend your knees' and 'keep your eye on the ball' seemed to be valid coaching points.

There were probably 5 really impressive hits from each child. Way high and way far. And boy were they thrilled!

There was a woman practicing next to them, providing color commentary on her own performance using vocabulary that I am hoping was going right over the heads of my kids. She wasn't happy with her performance, and apparently looking for someone to discuss it with.

There was also a high-school aged boy (young man?) hitting the bejesus out of his balls and sending them so far that the kids kept stopping and staring at him.

Now Sprout thinks she might like to take golf lessons.

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