Saturday, August 9, 2008


Sprout and I had a Girl's Night Out last night. Mike was out and Tater was sleeping over at Nana's so we went out on the town!

First stop, bowling. We had a free pass for 2 games. Sprout wanted to work on her technique - concerned that her little brother is getting to be a better bowler. Competitive little critter.

Then, Dairy Queen. I suggested that we just have ice cream for dinner (scandalous!) but she really wanted a hot dog. So we did both. She had a Cotton Candy Blizzard, which I think is horrifying. I had Girl Scout Thin Mint, which was quite delightful.

Then, Wall-E. Which as I am sure everyone already knows is super cute, despite very little dialogue. She recounted the entire story line to Mike and Tater today, blow-by-blow, punctuated with lots of "And then it was funny when"s. So I guess she liked it.

Then two chapters of Harry Potter (we are getting to the end of The Deathly Hallows!)

She is pretty fun to hang out with. I made a good one!

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