Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Something Fishy

Today we are working on a shoebox aquarium. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring a couple of the "ingredients" to the beach, so it won't be done until we return. And I also forgot the USB cable for my camera, so I can't post a picture of the work in progress.

Not such a good packer.

Anyway - we cut rectangular holes in the top and bottom of a shoe box - leaving a frame of box around both sides. We lined the box with blue tissue paper and hung pieces of green tissue in wavy, seaweedy strips from the top of the box (for seaweed).

The fish are all colored on thin cardboard and then cut out and decorated with glitter glue. Kids LOVE glitter glue. Totally addictive.

We just glittered the second side and we are waiting for them to dry. Then we are going to hang the fish in the box with embroidery floss (fishing line might be better...we'll see). The final touch is to cover the sides with plastic wrap (preferably blue). I have blue at home, but we might settle on the clear for the sake of closure.

Sprout made one hugenormous fish, and one teeny one. Tater made a whole bunch of little ones. Should be cool when it is done.

We are also collecting shells for our other craft...but we aren't ready yet!

We went to the Cape May County Park & Zoo today. A free zoo which is actually very cool with a bunch of interesting animals.

We are going to go looking for a boogie board after dinner.
Sprout was the queen of the surf yesterday, on a borrowed board.

Tater feels strongly that he needs another hermit crab. Apparently Hermie is not sufficiently entertaining. Maybe if we had two they would start to salsa dance or something.

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