Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sticky Socks

Easy and practical. This would probably be more fun if you could find colored socks, but I couldn't. We used a 10 pack of white socks - 5 pairs per child (!) so they will be good and decorated!

Basically you just make designs on the bottom of the socks with puffy fabric paint and they will be un-slippery and cute at the same time.

I had to calm my inner control freak (who am I kidding, she's all over the place) for this project. I had envisioned cute little designs, but after the first pair for each child they started getting crazy. Witness Sprout's orange and red creation over there.

These happy face ones are more in line with what I had in mind! We also did stars, little x's, lightning bolts, and polka dots.

Fun and useful. Yay!

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