Sunday, August 10, 2008

Paper Doves

A rainy day had us trapped inside today. The kids seemed cool with watching the Disney Channel Games for the 400,000th time, and I had made up a short list of activities for the coming week:

  • Mosaics (Sprout and I started on this one yesterday, but Tater wants to get in on the action and we still need to grout)
  • Paper Doves
  • Non-skid socks
When I arrived home from grocery shopping (does it seem like I go grocery shopping a lot??) Tater lost it because I hadn't brought him mosaic supplies. Oops. Didn't realize he was waiting for them.

In order to redirect, I offered up the Paper Dove project. I'll have to come up with a replacement for later in the week!

For this project we needed:
  • white paper plates
  • plastic spoons (2 per dove)
  • rubber bands
  • masking tape
  • markers (we used permanent markers, but if your kids are not to be trusted with them, you can try the regular ones - although I don't know how well they will work on the plastic).

1. Pile the two spoons up on top of each other, bowls together to make the head of the dove and wrap the rubber band, ponytail-style around the spoons to hold them together.

2. Draw a face on the spoons (see the picture) with the markers.

3. Take a paper plate and cut it in half. One half makes the "wings". Take the other half and cut a triangle-shaped wedge out of it (like a piece of pie) for the tail.

4. Use the masking tape to tape the tail onto the wings.

5. Tape the handles of the spoons to the underside of the wings.

If you push them gently, like a paper airplane, they fly pretty well!

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