Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Elmwood Park Zoo

We had a recovery day today. Everyone slept in very very late. Sprout was up at 10:30, Tater at 9:30, me at 9:45. We were up before 5 yesterday for our return trip from Florida and apparently we needed some rest.

We decided to go to the Elmwood Park Zoo today. The kids wanted to go to the Philadelphia Zoo, but driving on the Schuylkill Expressway was more than I could face. The Elmwood Park Zoo is a nice manageable size - reasonably interesting animals, but less than an hour from our house and takes about an hour to really see everything.

Tater especially liked the otters. Sprout was disappointed that we couldn't capture a prairie dog and bring it home ("But they are so cute!")

The gift shop was, as they always are, horrific. I swear Hell is a gift shop.

Tomorrow we have rented a movie (College Road Trip - Sprout's choice - I am skeptical). And maybe we will take our poor sunburned selves to the pool if it isn't raining.

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