Monday, August 4, 2008

A Fun Trip

We had a great time in Florida visiting our friends. It was super hot, but we spent lots of time in their beautiful pool!

We visited the Myakka River State Park and went on a boat ride to see alligators. Unfortunately, it is too hot in August to actually see any alligators, as they apparently migrate to the bottom of the lake, so we saw the eyeballs of one alligator (which is pretty much enough alligator for me, and yet a little disappointing).

We also visited the Mote Aquarium, which is our third visit there. The kids loved seeing the manatees (which are HUGE) and the dolphins.

Of course, if you asked what they liked best about either of those trips, they would say the gift shops...where they carefully budgeted out their $5 souvenir fund and came home with all sorts of fun things - slap bracelets with snakes on them, glass animals, paper fans, bouncy balls...they had quite the time unveiling each item for their Daddy this evening!

We also spent yesterday on the beach at Siesta Key, which was very fun despite repeated incidents of sand-in-the-eye which caused us to use all of our drinking water rinsing little screaming!

We highly recommend visiting the Sarasota area - and if you prefer to travel light, you should definitely contact our friends at A to Z Baby and Beach Rentals - they provided us with everything from booster seats to a beach cart and are the nicest people ever! Personal service and great, new equipment!

The kids are off from camp this week, and I haven't made a plan...oh how I wish there was someone who would just provide on for me (see how I plant that idea...subliminal...very clever...)

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