Sunday, August 24, 2008

Just Beachy

We are at the beach. On the border of Avalon and Stone Harbor. Technically Avalon, but much closer to downtown Stone Harbor.

Yesterday the kids went swimming in the pool at our condo. Then we went out for pizza, miniature golf, and ice cream. All the good beach stuff!

Tater has had his heart set on a hermit crab since our Ocean City adventure last week. He brought some of his birthday money specifically for this purpose. Scoped out the 5 & 10 last night to make sure they had them.

When I told him we could go back today to get the crab, he suggested that we could get up to see the sun rise, and then trot right on over to pick up the crab. The reality was that we went after the beach, the pool, and lunch.

He picked out one in a blue shell and got three extra shells: one painted to look like a soccer ball, one with a skull and crossbones, and an understated natural tan (for formal occasions, I guess).

He didn't have a name picked out. Wanted to "meet" the crab before deciding. The final verdict is that he is Hermie. Never was a little boy happier than Tater bringing Hermie home.

I think it might all be downhill from here.

Not really, we have lots of big plans - including two beach crafts. I'll keep you posted!

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