Monday, August 18, 2008

Up a Tree

This is our last week of the stay-at-home summer. Next week we are off to the beach and then back to school!

My nephew is in town and staying with my parents, so we are going to be visiting with him a lot this week. He lives in Texas and the kids love to get the chance to play with him when they can!

Today we went with them to Tyler Arboretum in Media, Pennsylvania to see their "Totally Terrific Treehouses." I gotta say, it was terrific!

There are 17 treehouses of all different designs along a nature trail. The kids had a great time "finding" the next house and checking them all out!

Some notable houses included one made of bent wood and plexiglass with a huge ladder, one with a fire pole, and one that was just a bunch of hammocks. There was also a castle, an enormous pink elephant, and a "bell house" which was essentially a platform with a bunch of ropes attached to bells that the kids could ring. Very entertaining.

It was pretty hot today, so we didn't quite get to all of them (don't tell the kids). But it was definitely worth the excursion to check it out.

I have to pore through some books for a good idea for tomorrow. We are doing a field trip to the beach (I should say "shore" - we are going to New Jersey) on Wednesday.

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