Thursday, September 18, 2008


We are going to go to see the Real Pirates exhibit at the Frankin Institute in Philadelphia on October 4th. I know I usually report on activities AFTER we do them, but this seems very cool and you have to get tickets in advance...and it ends November 2nd.

Since the last pirate-themed adventure that I reported on was over the next day (oops) it seemed best to give you a heads up in case you hadn't heard about this one.

From the official website:
"The exhibition displays over 200 artifacts recovered from the ocean floor including treasure chests of jewelry, coins, and gold. Step on board a recreation of the ship’s stern, walk into the Captain’s quarters, and go below deck to discover what life was like aboard a real pirate ship! “Real Pirates” is the first exhibition of authenticated pirate treasure ever displayed."

I am hoping that Tater doesn't group pirates in with "dressed up things", or this could be a short visit.

I'll let you know more after we go...but it sounds cool!

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