Sunday, September 21, 2008

At the car wash...yeah!

For some reason, my kids LOVE to clean. This is not something that they inherited from me. While I enjoy living in a place that is clean, getting it that way is not something that interests me in the least.

Today, our neighbor was washing her car outside and Sprout and Tater jumped RIGHT in there to help. Tater ran to get our big sponge, Sprout was desperate to wield the hose nozzle. They were so very happy out there soaping and rinsing...even started to wash bikes...scooters...the driveway...

This made me think that I should wash my car and let them help. My car hasn't been washed in many months, and since it is (was?) white, it definitely shows. Unfortunately, the impulse passed (maybe fortunately?). But, the next nice day when we have no plans, I am getting out a bucket and some sponges and letting them go for it!

Happy kids + Clean Car = Win-Win!!

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