Monday, September 22, 2008

Activity Overload

I am yearning for the "simple" days of the summer...when we spent our days lazing around and working through lists of crafts and trips.

Did I just say that? Me?
The one who breathed a sigh of relief when the kids went back to school?


Now we have karate, and music lessons, and orthodontist appointments, and intramurals, and chorus (at 8AM...are you kidding me??) and soon basketball...and homework...arrrgggghhhh...

I am definitely entering the phase of my life where I am the chauffeur. Lots of taking small people places and waiting for them. And I am (possibly) a little (maybe) too me-centric (a tad) to enjoy this.

Except for the 30 minutes where the kids are at music lessons right next door to the Ulta.

That part is cool.

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