Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some fun reading...

Until Barrel of Chipmunks gets off the ground (we are targeting the Spring), and while Stuff for Sprouts is up for sale (Know anyone who wants their own skin care business for kids? Great me!) I have been looking for other options to provide some income around here.

I have a book called Will Work from Home: Earn the Cash--Without the Commute, which seemed promising. There are some ideas for being a virtual concierge, or a cyber customer service rep. Nothing I am dying to be...but options...until I found out that none of these things work with a Mac. And buying a new computer doesn't seem like the first thing I should be doing to improve cash flow. Although I guess there are cheapish ones out there...

I found this blog: Notes from a Wannabe WAHM, which does a nice job of offering up some possibilities. And this one: Making a Happy Life, which is less about finding the work, and more about making sure you get it done and live to tell the tale.

I have lists of freelance writing assignments, which are fun to contemplate. And yet sort of intimidating.

I have searched part-time jobs on Monster and Career Builder. Apparently there is a part time opening for a Flight Surgeon. And I should have been a nurse.

I am beating the bushes for freelance assignments, but nothing so far.

What is an MBA-educated, business owning, business starting, and yet painfully unemployed person to do? Ideas??

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Irene said...

OMG--Thank-you so much for mentioning my blog! I just came across this post when checking out Technorati...guess I should check it out more often,lol.

Thanks again...I will link you on my blog too.