Monday, September 29, 2008

Totally Tubular #2

This one is actually older, as we made it at some point during the summer.

A more portable version of the paper towel tube ramp/maze from yesterday.

The background is a foam-core presentation/poster board. The tubes are glued onto the background (I believe we used wood glue...but hot glue would also be effective, and probably more appropriate).

The kids had an excellent time rolling marbles on this - for literally hours. I was quite amazed by the level of amusement.

It looks completely lame in the picture - but it was fun, I swear.
You could make it look fun by decorating the background and painting the tubes. But seriously, unnecessary.

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Rebecca said...

Hmmm...may look like a stalker here. But this is Rebecca from your magazine course. I have to check out any blog posted!

Fun the way I am from Lansdale, Montgomery County and worked in West Chester at the tourist bureau for years. Very small world. We are now in Syracuse...I can just sense your jealousy ;)