Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Paper Bag Town

How cute is this?

The kids really enjoyed this project!

We took a pack of brown paper lunch bags, and colored bags to look like different buildings: houses, a gas station, a bank, a dentist's office, a police station, a hotel (The Tipton), and of course, a Dunkin' Donuts! The "bottom" of the bag is the roof of each building.

After we colored the bags, we opened an uncolored bag for each building and put the colored ones over the top of the uncolored (so the "bottom" of the uncolored bag is the floor, and the "bottom" of the colored bag is the roof). This makes them stable enough to stand up.

We made some of our buildings shorter by cutting off a strip of the bag, and we used those extra strips as sidewalks in our town. Add some toy cars and play!

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