Friday, July 11, 2008

Budget-blowing Day

The Duck Bus was fun. The kids enjoyed the "quackers" and the water portion of the tour (although I think they were a little nervous about how close to the water we were - I know I was!) I think the historical portions of the tour were lost on Tater, but Sprout remembered a lot of things from school and her previous trip to Philadelphia with Nana and PopPop.

While we were right in the Visitor's Center we made a quick visit to the Liberty Bell. Then a walk to lunch at the City Tavern. Which was a budget buster and not all that well-received by the kids (although they claimed to have one of the best children's menus around). Then we walked back and visited the old Post Office and Ben Franklin's old neighborhood.

We were home around 3:30 and the kids needed to decompress and watched some TV. They were concerned that we hadn't done a "Barrel of Chipmunks" activity so Sprout helped me make Smores, and then they played a modified version of the Penny Toss game after dinner.

They just put a tupperware container on the floor and tossed coins into it. Strangely, this entertained them for almost 20 minutes before they started throwing the coins at each other.

The rule of the day was to not get lost on our trip - not fun, but at least effective!

Have a great weekend!

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