Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's Hard to be Fun

I have been home with my kids for 10 days straight. This is something that usually happens on vacations, where there are built-in things to do.

This summer, since I am now "self-employed" we have less camp activity and more stay-at-home days.

The first few days I was pretty good. We did a mosaic (broke tiles with a hammer and everything), we made a ramp out of paper towel tubes and rolled marbles through it, we made fingerprint pictures, we painted suncatchers. But the last few days I am losing steam.

The weather is yuck. The TV is easy. But I do want to DO something and get engaged with the kids.

This is why I am thinking that the "Barrel of Chipmunks" idea really has some legs. If I had a print-out right now with a list of things to do, that were pretty easy, but fun, I think we wouldn't be struggling for something to do.

Not that crafts are always the answer. But sometimes fun cooking could be. And sometimes a game to play or activity to do would be fantastic. And digging through the huge stack of books that is sitting in my office right now is pretty daunting...although I guess that's what we'll do.

But someday soon, I will have a plan. And we will all be having more fun!

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