Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Not So Fun Babysitter

I just had my first experience with a babysitter who was not a teacher from my kids daycare/school. I am clearly spoiled.

A neighborhood 13-year-old and her friend sent out a flyer offering their babysitting services and since I am desperately trying to get some work done, and I didn't want to leave my children rotting with their friends Zach and Cody, I figured I would have one of them come over and play with the kids while I worked.

My first concern was when they called me back and said "We needed some more information...(giggle giggle)" on my answering machine. So I called back and said, "You needed more information?" and the girl said "Yes."

Me: "Like?"

Her: "Well, we weren't sure when you wanted us."
Me: "I actually sent you an e-mail earlier today asking if you could come tomorrow between 1 and 4."

Her: "We didn't check our e-mail."

Anyway, desperation won out and I asked her to come...

So at 1 she arrived with her mom...who was checking me up and down like I was some tween-slave-driver who was going to sell her daughter. But she must have thought I was OK enough to leave her kid here.

The kid looked OK. No obvious piercings. Normal clothes.

So I sent the kids into the basement with her to play. And all was well for about an hour. Of course I haven't gone into the basement since, so who knows what it is like down there. But for that hour I didn't have to be involved. And that was cool.

Then they came upstairs...and on went Zach and Cody. Are you kidding me? Of course, I am supposed to be I am trying really hard to pretend I don't know what they are doing. No one is getting hurt. It's all good.

Then I hear my little Tater jumping on the sofa. Which he is SO not allowed to do. And she isn't stopping him. Doesn't that just seem like something that should clearly be stopped?

But I bite my tongue. Unless there is crying I will not get involved.

And then I hear The Babysitter comment to Sprout about how weird it is that she is eating Kool-Aid straight from the packet. Like the world's largest Pixie Stick. Again, could that EVER be something that is OK with the mother??

So I had to intervene. I called Sprout into my office and said "What are you doing?"

Sprout: "Nothing" (with the open packet of Kool-Aid in her hand)
Me: "Does that seem like something your mother would EVER let you do?" (And to clarify, she has asked...and I have said no...never...several times)
Sprout: "Um, no"

So she had to trash her treat. Poor delusional little Sprout.

And they watched TV for the 2 remaining hours of babysitter time. They did play a little bit with the Paper Bag Town. But still...TV.

The Babysitter's Mom arrived at 4...still looking suspicious about what we had done with her child. I swear I hardly talked to her. She got to watch TV.

I asked how much I owed her. She said "We aren't really charging. You get to pick."

So that wasn't the most positive experience. I had originally planned to offer them a craft to do, but the Water Bottle Pencil Holder required spools...and I don't have any...and Sprout refused to substitute. And Flower Pounding involves a hammer...and I think real adult supervision is required for that.

Must be better prepared next time. Or, you know, get a real babysitter.

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