Thursday, July 10, 2008

Craft Free Day

We didn't have time for a craft today. But Tater got to make up his rule. Anyone who stepped on something green had to pay him $2. Boy was he thrilled when he caught Mike walking the dog on the grass!

My rule yesterday was anyone who said "No" had to give me a kiss. I got a lot of kisses, so that was cool!

Yesterday's activity was painting flowerpots. Just terra cotta pots (and the little drain-saucer things) and acrylic paints.

Tater did a nice job with a flower painted on the side of his - for the marigold he planted me for Mother's Day (which has actually survived long enough to be transplanted!).

Sprout's is a very abstract, modernistic, multi-colored design. Very cool. She wasn't happy with it - but I like it a lot!

Today we were going to do our "Penny Toss" game - with some modifications so that we could play at the pool. We took a plastic container and 4 little balls with us. The plan was the float the container and then try to toss the little balls into it.

Unfortunately, the first time we tossed the balls some random kid came over and took them all. So after rescuing them, the kids were too afraid to play anymore. Oh well, we'll have to try that one again another time. It had potential.

The only remaining activity on our list for the week is to make S'Mores on a Stick. We are going to go them tomorrow afternoon after we go do the "Ride the Ducks" tour of Philadelphia.

I need to start working on the list for next week - this was fun!

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