Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I took French for several years in high school, and yet I still feel a little silly and pretentious even saying "decoupage". Luckily, doing decoupage was way more fun than even saying it.

I thought that we should make some sort of collection box to help us work on collecting Box Tops for Education because I know we should, and yet we don't. And my mom had mentioned something about doing decoupage and I thought why not make a decorated box to collect the tops in?

Of course, Sprout and Tater felt that they each needed to have their own box to collect for their individual classes. So we purchased two paperboard boxes at Michael's ($2.99 each) and some Mod Podge ($5.69 or so). I was so dazzled by the array of Mod Podge choices (I thought there was only one kind!) that we also had to get some with glitter in know, just in case more glitter was necessary.

We also splurged on some designer tissue paper squares (a preposterous $2.99 per packet - but there is a ton of little papers and they will last for many more projects).

We already had a huge supply of little foam paintbrushes. And we cut a bunch of pictures out of the Pottery Barn catalog (What is that look for? It's better than using pictures out of People!) and a random Newsweek that somehow snuck into the house (for some reason it had pictures of animals in it...we didn't use politicians for this particular project!)

It was a whole gluing extravaganza. Sprout really got the hang of painting on the Mod Podge and painting it over the pictures. Tater liked sticking the things on, but needed a little help with the gluing technique.

The end product is actually very cool looking. We need to add another couple of layers of the Mod Podge (that's just fun to say). And we need to figure out how to cut a slot in the top of the boxes for the box tops to go in. But I am calling this one a success!

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