Monday, July 14, 2008

I've been Snacktivated...

I agreed last week to blog about some snack recipes from Kellogg's - from their Snacktivate website. Today the box arrived with the recipe, 2 boxes of Frosted Mini Wheats (which we totally love anyway) and a cool little "snack cup" which is apparently meant to take cereal and milk with you...where you would take them, I am not sure, maybe to school?

Anyway, there was immediately a battle over which child would get to use the little cup in the car tomorrow (winner: no one).

After that all calmed down, I asked if they wanted to help me make the "Sassy Sunpops". Answer: no. Hmmm...this is supposed to be an interactive kid thing.

So, then I ask who wants to crush Mini Wheats with a hammer? That got their attention, so Sprout carefully counted out the 60 Mini Wheats that were required and put them into a zip lock bag and then took a tenderizing hammer to them. Of course, Tater had to get in on the action - so they were very well crushed.

They were quite horrified by the idea of almonds on the cookies, and I didn't have sticks or anything that fancy (sorry Kellogg's, I am not that motivated of a baker). I mixed some ground flax seeds into the flour mix, used half whole wheat flour, but otherwise (to the best of my ability) followed the recipe.

I just did them as drop cookies and on about 10 of them I arranged sliced almonds (thinner, less likely to terrify a child) in a little flower shape. The recipe said it would make 33 - but I am an impatient person and I made them bigger and probably got 24 out of the recipe.

Mine look absolutely nothing like the picture above. But I kind of expected that.

Gotta say they are pretty yummy. So the cereal as an ingredient concept has some legs. And of course the kids were all over the ones with the almonds. Arghhh...

There are a bunch of other recipes on their website, so give them a look. Most of them try to incorporate some kid activity/craft into the snack process. So maybe they could make their way onto the "What to do today" list!

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