Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spoon People

Sprout was sick this weekend and poor Tater was going so completely stir crazy that we HAD to find him a project. Luckily our new issue of Family Fun Magazine came and had some great ideas. Love that magazine!

We decided to make these spoon puppets. We had most of the "ingredients" on hand: felt, pipe cleaners, markers, yarn, glue and googly eyes (I love to say "googly eyes" - it just sounds fun...) We were all out of plastic spoons (we had clear ones, but unless we were making some strange version of invisible people, that wasn't going to work) so we did a quick run to the grocery store for white ones.

The basic design is:
1) Wrap a pipe cleaner around the "neck" of the spoon to make arms.
We had long-ish pipe cleaners so we snipped them in half first.

2) Make the clothes by cutting a long rectangle of felt and then cutting a slit in the middle (fold it in half and cut the slit). Then the hole goes over the "head". Make a belt with yarn or ribbon. I think they all look like little Jedis. Or monks.

3. Glue googly eyes onto the "face" and use permanent markers to draw on the rest of the face. Tater used a pom-pom for a nose on one of his. You could also use buttons or other little things. Go crazy!

4. Make hair out of yarn (cut a bunch of pieces of yarn to the right length and then tie them together in the middle - glue the middle part onto the tip of the spoon. If you were super ambitious you could style the hair - braids, curls. Since I don't do that for my real children it wasn't going to happen here...

Here is Tater's guy with the pom-pom nose. I also like his hair and his festive jingle-bell accent.

I think the guy in black is the Jedi master. He is clearly having some sort of hair problem. But he seems to be smiling through it all.

The young lady in green with the red hair is looking pretty fab, I think.

We were planning to make a shoe box stage for these guys, but Tater lost interest due to his burning need to go plant flowers in the rain.

Which was fun and all...but I don't have any pictures to share.

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Lauren jonczak said...

Great post! I was looking up kids indoor activities when I came across your post. I am taking my niece and 2 nephews for a week while my sister goes on vacation. I don't have kids so I am a little nervous. I just want them to have fun. This is a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing. I will have to add this to my list of things.