Thursday, May 14, 2009

Black Thumb = genetic?

Tater brought home his "Plant Log" today...a daily book of observations from planting seeds at school.

It made me laugh - so I will share it with you. I am generous that way.
All spelling is original - I think it lends to the story.

A Plant Begins: Daily Log of Observations - by Tater B.

Day 1: Today I planted a forget me not and a wildflower. I put soil in my cup. I put a stick in my cup with my name. I put in seeds and put it by the window sill and am leting it grow.

Day 2: nothing hapined

Day 3: nothing hapined

Day 4: Nothing hapined

Day 5: Nothing hapined

Day 6: Nothing hapined

Day 7: It grew

Day 8: nothing happined

Day 9: Nothing happined

Day 10: It Died.

Day 11: nothing happined

Poor Tater. But such an insightful glimpse into elementary school gardening, right?

And every single time I have planted a seed - this has pretty much been my experience. I am sort of relieved that the plant didn't make it. Otherwise, he would have brought it home to grow.

And it would have died.

UPDATE: On Friday, the cup of dirt came home from school with Tater's popsicle-stick name tag standing forlorn and alone in the center of the vast emptiness of the Dixie Cup. He thinks that maybe if we just water it some more, there is still hope...


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Staci said...

Too cute! It could be genetic-our whole family kills every plant in the house it seems.