Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Want to Go Outside and Play?

With temps here in Southeastern PA soaring into the high 80s this week (insane!) we quickly shifted into summer mode and starting thinking about things we can do outside now and over the next few months.

One of my friends has suggested a standing Friday evening playground date, which sounds like a good plan to me. Now we just need to figure out which playgrounds we should visit!

Luckily, the lovely ladies at Mom Central (I have never actually met them, but I am guessing they are quite lovely) filled me in on this super cool website - KaBOOM - where they are building a "Playspace Finder" database with locations, details and reviews of playgrounds all over the country.

How awesome is that?? Such a great idea to have a centralized listing of all of the places to play! And with reviews - so you know before you go whether it is worth the drive! Yay KaBOOM!

Now they just need people to come and fill up the database. So click up there and add any playgrounds you like to frequent, or add reviews of spaces already on the list. The more contributors, the better.

I added Bell Tavern Park. Go add want to know where to go next!

And then - get out there and PLAY!!

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