Friday, April 24, 2009

Dramatic Build-up

There was a "Book Fair" at Mike's workplace yesterday. This conveniently coincided with "Take Your Child to Work Day", which Sprout participated in for the first time.

There were non-book items included in the Book Fair, as there often are. And Mike found this "Mento Trigger Device Thing" (the official name is the "Geyser Tube") and felt that this was something we needed.

If you have never seen the science experiment that this device is related to - you need to look here. Fun, right? (Although such an egregious waste of Diet Coke that it hurts a little).

Apparently we are going to re-create that sort of drama right here in the yard this weekend. The tube holds 7 Mentos and drops them into the Diet Coke. I am frightened by what the outcome might be.

Stay tuned...

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