Friday, January 16, 2009

Special Snack

Kids enjoy snacks. My kids REALLY enjoy snacks. Especially sweet and junky ones, which I keep trying to explain to them are "treats", while "snacks" would be more like mini-meals with foods in them that actually make you less hungry (in the way a fruit roll-up never will).

Mom Central hooked me up with these Special K crackers, which come in convenient 90 calorie packs. They have whole grainy goodness going on, but do not taste like cardboard. The kids even enjoy them with a bowl of tomato soup or with a little PB to dip them in. Quite yummy, they also come in a Tomato and Herb flavor.

These are a good mainstream alternative to the Kashi TLC crackers that I really love. But I do have two (minor) gripes.

1) Why a 90 calorie pack? Couldn't we have 3 more crackers and make it 100? 90 seems like starvation to me...makes me want to eat 2 packs!
2) Not sure about the Special K branding. I guess they are rounding out the Special K diet brand...but I wouldn't really think of these as a diet food. More of a good all-around snack. Making it Special K seems too narrow...but maybe that's just me.

Anyway - they are yummy, they are good for you, they are out there...go get some!

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