Friday, January 9, 2009


It is cold outside.

Like, I am driving the kids to school because I don't want to stand at the bus stop and freeze (and it also gives me an excuse to go to Dunkin' Donuts for my iced coffee...but that isn't the main reason...really).

Like, I wish I was allowed to put a jacket on the dog.

Like, I am thinking it wasn't such a fantastic idea to cut my hair so my neck is hanging out.

And yet, I am not putting gloves and scarves and things on my children. Bad Mommy, right?

But when I try to put gloves in Tater's pockets (just in case, I say) he refuses them on the basis that if he HAS them, his teacher will make him WEAR them. Bad teacher? Isn't that what they are for??

BUT...he can't jump rope with gloves on. And the boy is a jump roping maniac. He and his friend have been jump roping during every recess since they discovered their mutual interest way back in September - which is like 10 years in kid time. They take their own ropes and everything.

So, I am letting him go to school when it is 30 degrees out, gloveless. And since he isn't being forced to take them, Sprout doesn't want any either. Although she will wear her funky hat.

So far everyone still has their fingers. And there are always pockets, right?

Of course, I don't wear gloves either. Can't text with them on...

So, am I being supportive of their interests? Or irresponsible? Or is it conflict-avoidance?
Not sure.

I just know I will be very happy when things warm up and I can find something else to stress about!

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