Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blue Food

I remember at some point making a comment that blue food is just wrong. There are no foods in nature that are really and truly blue.

Then a few weeks ago, Sprout and I were reading The Lighting Thief (an excellent book for kids who liked Harry Potter) and the mother in the story likes to make blue food as a rebellious move. And Sprout loved that idea.

So on the way home from karate today, we were talking about what we were going to have for dinner. And Tater, as always, wanted Macaroni and Cheese (more specifically Easy Mac...and yes, I know it is just barely even real food...but kids can not live on only whole grain healthy things, or at least mine apparently can't). And he thought maybe it should be blue.

So for dinner tonight we had blue mac & cheese. Actually it was sort of neon green since the blue food coloring blended with the neon orange "cheese". The kids found this terribly amusing. It seemed kind of wrong to me, but I am a grown-up and frequently feel guilty about eating "fun" foods anyway.

Mike asked if it counted as our vegetable since it looked vaguely like green beans. No, it did not. We had carrots and cucumbers, too.

The point here is, that it is fairly easy to make dinner more entertaining to your kids. Add a little unexpected color. Even if it seems sort of counterproductive, I am fairly sure a little blue food never hurt anyone.

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