Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Winter Storm Alert

Brainstorming that is.

I have somehow ended up as the (assistant) homeroom Mom for Sprout's classroom. I find this quite terrifying. The "real" Mom (there are no specific titles, but I have decided I am the assistant and she is real) was in charge of the Halloween Party. So I am in charge of Christmas. Only it can't be Christmas (I don't think). It has to be Winter.

So I am hunting around for games and crafts that can be finished in under 10 a classroom...without making a mess.

So far I have these options:
Pin the Nose on Rudolf (or Frosty?)
Paper Towel Tube "Candles"
Candy-Cane Pass
Rudolf Dash (relay with red noses stuck on the kids with vaseline...which sounds gross)
Winter Tongue Twisters
Snowflake Window Clings
Mashmallow Snowmen

And possibly tracing the kids hands to make a wreath for the teacher...

Much work still to be done.

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