Friday, November 14, 2008

Dear Santa

I am getting ready to start thinking about maybe planning to consider what we might need to potentially put on our Christmas lists. It is a little early in the season for me. I can't really get into the full flow of the Christmas spirit until Thanksgiving has come and gone.

I did start loading Christmas tunes onto my iPod. But I won't play them for another two weeks. Promise.

However, I do know one thing, Santa. We really don't need any more toys.

Don't let on to the kids that I am telling you this, because they aren't completely on board with this. They think that we do need quite a few more toys.

Like every single one in the Target toy catalog.
And every single one in the Toys R Us catalog.

And then a few more.

But really, we don't. They pretty much play with a plastic yo-yo and a box of Pokemon cards.

And Tater likes the pink Bunco set.

But really - they don't need more. So if you can figure out a way to make Christmas all magical and full of joy and happiness, without more toys - I am all ears.



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