Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Cookies

No, not made out of turkey. That would be wrong.

These started out to be turkey cupcakes, but I needed both chocolate and vanilla, and 48 cupcakes seemed extreme. So I took exactly the same amount of cake mix (2 boxes) and made 24 HUGE cookies. Which is exactly the same amount of calories and extreme overabundance of treats - just flatter.

I used the "Funfetti Cookie" recipe (box of cake mix + 1/3 cup of oil + 2 eggs) using one box of devil's food cake and one of white cake. I made big round cookies out of the resulting dough (about 12 from each box - I guess 2" balls of dough?) and baked them at 375 for about 6-8 minutes.

I am sure that this would work with plain old sugar cookies, either from a mix or from scratch. You just need a big round base for the decorations.

The heads and feathers are Nutter Butter Crisps (from the 100 Calorie packs). I only bought one box of them, but didn't figure on breakage...many of the cookies were only halves in the about half of our turkeys were featherless.

For the heads, we used a tube of black cake decorating frosting and just made dot eyes and a "v" for a beak. Tater used red squeeze icing to make the wattles (gobbles?).

Then we iced the rest of the cookies (we used three for each turkey, but that was because we were running out) with vanilla frosting and then sprinkled them with different colors to make colored tail feathers.

Sprout was helping with the icing process, but kept eating the "parts". Rather than test her self-control, she chose to go watch "That's So Raven". Party pooper.

To assemble the turkeys we iced the big cookies, and stuck a head and some tail feathers into the frosting. When we ran out of feathers we just decorated the rest of the cookie with sprinkles. I think both versions look turkey-ish.

These looked super-cute on a big plate for dessert. Of course, now that I am insanely full of Thanksgiving Dinner, they are looking less enticing...

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