Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Breaking up with Myself

This whole blogging thing started as a way to support my business, Stuff for Sprouts. Then I decided that Stuff for Sprouts needed help I could not provide for it, so I started to search for someone to adopt it and take it to the next level. Sort of like sending it to boarding school. Forever.

Now someone (yay!) is interested in buying it and I have to figure out how to take myself out of the Stuff for Sprouts equation. Which is like removing a siamese twin. But less icky.

The first move is breaking this blog, which is intended to support the next venture (and provide an outlet for me to share what is going on, which I am sure you are all enjoying so much!) away from the Stuff for Sprouts blog. There are still links over there so you can get back and forth (and please do).

And I set up a new Twitter identity. So now I am both Stuff4Sprouts and FunMommyK (which I think sounds like my rap name, if I had one). Two of me. Yikes. Plus Facebook. I am overwhelmed with myself.

I better start doing something interesting!

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