Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It would be SWEET...

Valentine's Day is just days away! We are not big on the V-Day celebration around here. A card and a little candy and we are good to go.

But the kids do enjoy the annual exercise of picking Valentine's for their friends. They especially like RECEIVING Valentine's - ideally those that include candy!

So this year, rather than springing for the big box-o-cards, we did a super-simple project to make our own.

We got a bag of lollipops and printed little lollipop-themed sayings on the computer:

It would SUCK if you weren't my friend!

You are SWEET!

I would be BLUE if you weren't my friend!

You are a GRAPE friend!

We cut the sayings into strips and taped one onto each lollipop. The BLUE one went on the blue lollipops, the GRAPE one on the purple ones and the others on the other colors. The kids signed their names on the papers and voila - Valentines!

It only took about 45 minutes to do 50 lollipops - total cost under $5. Love this.

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