Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Economic Stimulus

This weekend we weren't so much creative as we were rabid consumers. Gotta do what we can to kick start that economy, right?

The kids had a four day weekend, and we pretty much squandered it.

Saturday, for Valentine's Day, we went to Tater's basketball game (which he was GREAT in!). The kids built an enormous town of Littlest Pet Shops, and a skate park with their Tech Decks. So they played, and of course, watched TV. Then went out to dinner.

Sunday, the kids and I went to see
Hotel for Dogs with some friends, which the kids really loved. Of course, I cried...which is sort of embarrassing during a kids movie. But the kids are used to me being an embarrassment. After the movie the kids played video games with their friends for several hours.

Monday, we did nothing that I can remember. Played some games, watched too much TV. We tried to go outside and play. The sun was shining, the neighbors were asking us to come out. I forcibly threw the children out the door and about 30 seconds later realized it was COLD!!! So that lasted about 30 minutes before I was begging them to come back inside. Brrrrrr.

The most notable moment on Monday came when Sprout, when faced with her lovely dinner of homemade soup, asked why I hated her. Good times...

Yesterday we had big plans to go snow tubing at Blue Mountain. Of course, when we were getting everything organized for the trip on Monday evening I realized that they didn't start their tubing sessions until 4PM on weekdays. And with today as a school day, that just wasn't going to work. Boo.

So tubing will have to wait for the weekend.
Instead we went bowling. Then out to lunch. Then shopping for a big new TV. And then shopping again for a HSM3 DVD, which we then watched on the new TV.

Total screen time? WAY too much. Gotta get back to being creative before my children turn into big lifeless blobs!

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