Monday, February 9, 2009

Bits and Pieces of Fun

We had a fairly low-key weekend. Daddy was out of town skiing with friends and following an early basketball game (in which Tater had a brilliant performance!) we were tired and unmotivated.

However, we did finally break out our Smithsonian Frog Dissection Kit (which I would tell you to go get, but apparently they have been discontinued). Sprout receive the kit as a birthday gift a couple of years ago and we never quite got around to doing it. But when, in the midst of lazing around, Tater suggested that now was the time, we decided to go for it.

The kit includes plastic bones, rubber "organs" and a frog-shaped mold. Basically you lay the parts in the mold and then pour super-strength Jell-o into the mold to make the frog's body.

We had some minor mishaps (the Jell-o oozed out of the mold and needed to be melted and poured back in so that the frog didn't have bones hanging out of his legs, we put the head on backwards...) but eventually ended up with a completely disgusting jiggly green frog-like thing.

Then the kids went at him with a plastic scalpel and ripped him apart. I don't know how dissection-like the operation was, but they seemed to be quite enjoying dismembering the fake frog. Which I will try not to be too disturbed about.

The other high point of our weekend (besides watching HSM I, II and Camp Rock) was the kids jumping all over sheets of bubble wrap in their Nana's driveway. Big fun! I think I have a roll in the basement and I will have to remember to get it out next time things get slow!

What we SHOULD have done at some point this weekend was work on Valentine's for the kids' classmates. Oops. We'll have to get cracking on that ASAP! We'll have to do something post-worthy, because I know you can't wait to hear all about it. Right?

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