Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Weirdest Kid Ever

Tater's new favorite snack is edamame. You probably are thinking "Eda-who?" Seriously!

Soybeans. Shelled soybeans. Straight-up green. Protein-packed. Isoflavone rich. And, when sprinked with a little kosher salt, downright tasty.

Weirdest. Kid. Ever.

I wouldn't have thought they'd be good. But I have seen them suggested as a yummy snack in numerous magazines and books and thought, why not? I figured maybe I could suffer through a few. And wouldn't it be amusing to try to get the kids to eat them?

They were super-easy to prepare. Take frozen bag of shelled edamame, and dump it into a microwave-safe bowl. Put on the lid. Microwave for 2-3 minutes. Sprinkle with kosher salt. Done.

First taste...hmmm....salty (from, you know, the salt...)...not too beany...sort of indescribable...maybe a little nutty? Um...yum?

Tater came creeping over - "What is that?"
Me: "Edamame"
T: "Who's Mommy?"
Me: "Soybeans...Taste one...they are salty."
T: "Mmmm...I like these beans!"

Sprout was too terrified by the greenness to even give them a shot. But I am not all that surprised by that. Tater, however, ate handfuls of them yesterday and then jumped at the chance to have some for his after-school snack today.

And I am having trouble keeping my hands out of them. How totally weird is that??

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