Thursday, December 4, 2008

Glittery, Flaky Fun

My photography doesn't do this one credit. These are actually really pretty and sparkly. If you did a bunch, they would look great on the windows next to the front door (what are those called?)

The kids loved this project. To start, you draw a pattern on a piece of white paper. Simple lines are easiest to trace, but the kids can draw whatever they want. Something snowflaky.

Then put a clear plastic sheet (like a transparency film - we used a plastic notebook divider) over the white paper. Use "puffy" fabric paint to trace over the lines on the pattern. We used a silver glitter paint and a "crystal" glitter paint. Kids might need a little help getting the lines consistently thick. I just traced back over the thin spots after they were done.

The paint really needs to sit overnight to be fully dry. Don't let anybody touch it before it is dry (note the large fingerprint right in the middle of our flake...) In the morning, carefully peel the snowflake off of the plastic and stick it to the window.

I got this idea from Family Fun Magazine (highly recommend many of their projects). Their version said to use waxed paper instead of the plastic sheet. We tried that on our first batch, but there was a residue of wax stuck to the back of the flake. So about 10 minutes after we put up our first snowflakes, they fell off of the window and the dog immediately ate them. We think he is part piranha.

So - don't use waxed paper. Or, put them somewhere far away from your piranha dog.

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