Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Easy Holiday Hat

I guess "holiday" would be pushing it, since I think reindeer are really only relevant to Christmas. But I think any kids would like this purely for amusement value.

Insanely easy.

Fold a piece of brown construction paper in half. Trace a child's hand (or your own, if you'd like) onto it. Make the "wrists" a little long so that you have something to tape onto the headband. Cut the hand out. You should have 2 hand cut-outs (because of the folding). You can cut them individually if that seems more fun to you.

Make a band of construction paper (mine is poster board, but you are more likely to have paper, I am guessing) that fits around the child's (or your) head. Tape it together.

Tape the hands onto either side of the headband.

Voila - Reindeer antlers.

I think it would be fun to cut a circle of red out and hang it down from the front (with string?) to make a Rudolf version...or you could decorate the band with stickers or glitter or something. But the straight-up version is really cute. Tater was wearing it yesterday and loved it.

We are making these at Sprout's school holiday party this afternoon. I think it will be amusing to see all of the kids wearing them. It's 4th Grade - so some kids might think they are too cool for them. But I am going to wear mine!

This could be a Christmas Eve activity during a family gathering...something for the kids to do while the parents are visiting...

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