Monday, December 7, 2009

Glitter and Glue Ornaments

This is a quick and easy project from one of the Kid Concoction Books. I don't know which one because Tater found it in the book, described what he was going to do, and then did it. I got the supplies out for him and provided encouragement, but besides that I was hands off on this one.

First I need to mention that I clearly need some photography training because it is far beyond me to share with you how pretty and sparkly these are on the tree. My attempt over there is flat and lame. So noted for my developing resolution list.

Materials: Sheet of Wax Paper, White Glue (Elmer's), Glitter, Ribbon

1) Lay the sheet of wax paper out on a cookie sheet or a piece of cardboard (so you can move it later to let it dry).

2) Draw shapes on the wax paper with the glue. Use a decent thickness of glue so that the end result is a sturdy-ish ornament (you are going to peel it off of the wax paper).

Tater made a diamond, a little triangle, a Christmas Tree and a star (the tree is in that pile of glitter).

3) Cover the glue with a thick coating of glitter.

4) Let dry overnight.

5) The next day, peel the glitter shapes off of the wax paper and flip them over.

6) Retrace the shape with glue and cover the other side with glitter.

7) Let dry again overnight.

8) Loop a ribbon through for hanging.



Good life changes.. said...

Thank-you for the idea ! T loves anything to do with loose glitter so she will be all over this !.. Can you clarify step 6 please... do you put the glue directly on the glitter shape ? Thanks !

Fun Mommy K said...

Yes - just trace back over the other side with the glue and cover it with more glitter (so there's glitter on both sides). Have fun!