Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Tater bought this in late June.

He saw an ad on Nickelodeon (of course) and was trying to get me to order over the phone. But I prevailed and made him to to Toys R Us and get it in person without paying shipping.

Because that's the kind of tough-love parent I am - FORCING the children to go to Toys R Us!

The caterpillars had to be ordered via mail, and would take several weeks. Considering our week-long trip to Maine, we decided to get them delivered in early August,
so we would be around to experience the whole "metamorphosis" thing - which is sort of the whole point, right?

So the "tent" has been sitting, forlorn and empty in Tater's room for many weeks. And he has frequently said that he was waiting for August 3rd, which I thought meant he was PRETTY excited about my birthday - but was the bugs.

And the caterpillars did not come yesterday.

BUT...this little box was in the mail today. And I must admit I was a little skittish (squeamish? skeevish?) about picking it up to carry it inside.

Live insects. Yuck.

But when Tater gets home from camp this afternoon, there will be much rejoicing.
And live insects.

I'll keep you posted!

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DM said...

we did this last fall and it was so cool! enjoy! i really need to order more.