Friday, August 7, 2009

Karate Camp

I know, I know - I still have to tell you about Maine.

But the pictures are on the other computer and it is WAY over on the other side of the room.

I am just that lazy.

BUT, I will tell you about the week that my kids have had at
The Martial Arts Studio summer camp over in Lionville. Some of you locals can still get in on the remaining weeks if you want. My kids would highly recommend it.

PLUS (see, I am like a Ginsu Knife commercial over here with the extras...) they have been on cool field trips and you might like to check out where they went.

So really, I am doing you a favor by deferring the Maine story. See how nice I am?

First let me say that my kids used to take karate lessons at
The Martial Arts Studio. And I highly recommend their after school program - Sprout did it for 3 years and it was great. I wish I could get them to go for more karate, it seems like such a lifetime sport/activity. But they insist that that phase of their lives is over.

Well, they aren't quite that eloquent about it, they just say "No" and whine a lot.

Anyhoo, I wasn't sure they would be all that into Karate Camp, but it was the only camp offered in August and I very much liked the idea of them having something to do at some point during the month.

Very very much.

So I signed them up.
This week is "Ninja Week" and the kids started things off learning to use Nunchuks (they say "Nunchuku" on their website). Foam ones. So not all that scary. Although I am still forbidding their use in the house.

They start of each day with a class using the Nunchuks, which they are enjoying.
Sprout said that if they could do weapons training every time, she would go back to Karate class. I am trying not to be troubled by my sweet daughter's apparent interest in weapons.

Also, three days this week, they went on field trips (included in the price of the camp).

On Tuesday they went rock climbing. Apparently their favorite thing was some kind of bouldering (which I must admit I am utterly clueless about). Sprout came back with blisters all over her fingers, but she wants to go back. Tater said he isn't so great at rock climbing, but he liked it anyway.

On Wednesday they went innertubing down the Brandywine River. Tater had some concerns about this because someone told him there was a crocodile in the Brandywine River. I assured him there was not, and hoped I was right. No one was eaten (this time anyway!), so I am guessing the crocodile was a suburban legend.

Yesterday, their final trip was to Mt. Gretna Lake, near Lancaster. I had never even heard of this place, but the kids had a blast swimming and playing in the lake. At least one of the teachers went off of a trapeze into the water (!) which the kids thought was extremely cool. I am thinking this might be a destination later in the month when we need something to do!! I found this discounted admission coupon which would make it $11 for adults and $7 for kids over 4. You can find a full-sized one and some others on their website.

Today they are having water wars and pizza. And a "surprise" trip from the ice cream truck, which is sure to be one of the highlights for my poor, deprived children - since their mother
doesn't believe in the Ice Cream Man.

They are exhausted from all of the physical activity (which is a good thing). Tater has had a hard time keeping track of his belongings, losing over the course of the week: his shorts, his pants, his shoes, and yesterday - his underwear.

But all has been recovered and overall, they have LOVED the camp. So - check it out if you are still looking for something to do this month - or check out the field trip destinations from this week!

Either way - only 3 weeks left until school starts (Yikes!) We have a lot of plans for those three weeks including:

1) Puppy shopping (!)

2) Visiting the Amish House in Lancaster

3) Crystal Cave

4) A weekend in Avalon
5) Golf with PopPop
6) A trip to Florida which MAY include a day at SeaWorld (!)

7) A revisit to the zoo...

Hopefully also a lot of sleeping late and pool visits.

Speaking of "sleeping" - Tater's caterpillars (which thankfully came in a cup and haven't (yet) had to be moved) - wasted no time in turning themselves into chrysalises (chrysalii?)

Two of the four are already doing their metamorphasis thing...meaning that someone (hopefully NOT me) will have to move them into the "Treehouse" in just a few days!

And really, at some point I will tell you about our awesome week in Maine!

Stay cool!

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