Friday, April 2, 2010

Disco Easter Eggs

I found a great idea for Easter Eggs in a Family Circle Magazine that caught my eye last month.  They wrapped double-sided tape around the eggs and then rolled them in extra fine glitter.  So very cool. I ripped out the picture and saved it so we could try the technique out on our eggs this year. 

We have a traditional egg decorating party with our friends on Good Friday (that was today!) so earlier in the week we gathered our supplies. From the scrapbooking section of Michael's we picked up some glue dots and a roll of thin double stick tape.  Then from the craft section we got a fantastic collection of 16 (!) colors of glitter for under $4.  Yay!

This morning I boiled two dozen eggs.  I agree that that is WAY too many eggs for a family where only two people are willing to actually eat hard boiled eggs, but we have tried to split a dozen in previous years and the decorating is over in about 10 minutes.  So disappointing.

Our friends brought several other egg decorating kits and we all set to work.

The technique for the glitter eggs was, starting with either a naked egg or one that had been dyed and dried, to place the tape or sticky dots onto the egg and then to pour some of the glitter into a little bowl.  Then dipping the tape and/or our fingers into the glitter, we rubbed the glitter into the tape/dot until it was completely covered and shiny.  We used a soft, dry paintbrush to brush off the extra glitter.

Everyone really enjoyed this technique, although my kitchen looks very much like fairies have visited.  Very sparkly.

I am not sure what happens when you try to peel and eat the glitter eggs.  Seems like there might be some residue.  But I am hoping that a quick rinse will resolve that situation.

Sprout spend so much time and care on her eggs that she had only completed half of them by the time the other kids were done.  But she eventually finished them all and they are quite fabulous!  She made the polka dotted egg and the one that says "Happy Easter" at the top (bad picture, sorry).

Tater made this one that he called "Elvis".  I did the one with silver/blue/pink stripes. 

Here is a gallery of our other creations.  I highly recommend this technique as a new twist on egg decorating - it was really fun and so very sparkly!

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