Sunday, July 12, 2009

Awesome Snack Idea

First you need one of these...we prefer Granny Smiths, nice and tart and crunchy.
Cut it up in slices.

Then get some of this, or whatever your nut butter of choice is.

Obviously if you have nut issues this is not the snack for you. My kids like the chunky version. I am personally on an almond butter kick. Either would be good.

Put some in a little bowl for each kid.

In another small bowl put a few of these. Maybe 3-4 tablespoons of them. The kids are likely to beg for more. Totally your call whether you give in...

Give the kiddies the sliced apples and the little bowls of PB and chips.

Instruct them to dip in the PB and then the chips...resulting in this...

I know it's an awful picture...but it's a great snack!! Yum!

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Niche Topics said...

That's a great idea, thanks! My kids dip the apple slices in PB then granola...I think they'll love your trick!