Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hippity Hoppity

So, I typed "Easter Bunny" into Google, to see if I could find a picture to put in this post. And this guy came up.

I think if I showed this to Tater, he would no longer be interested in the Easter Bunny coming to our house. I think he's already on the fence about it. But since there is candy, he is willing to overlook the scariness. But this would certainly shift the balance.

This morning, as we were driving to school, Tater asked me if we have any Easter decorations. I mulled it over for a moment, and said that we did not. But did he think we needed some?

He thought we did. So I asked what sort of decorations he had in mind - assuming we were talking about a basket of colored eggs, or some bunny stickers in the window.

He said, "A big blow-up bunny with an egg for the yard".

Like the one we had just driven past on a neighbors lawn...about 5 feet tall...

Me: I don't like those blow-up creatures.

T: But you have a blow-up bed. (Actually, an Aero-bed for guests.)

M: Not in the yard.

T: No.

M: Should we put it in the yard to decorate for Easter?

T: Yes, with eggs on top. (giggling)

Sprout: (Who has been oblivious) - What did he say?

M: Do you think we should put the Aero-bed on the yard with eggs on it for Easter?

S: Why would we???

I think I might need to make a run to the store for legitimate decorations before Tater turns us into a tourist attraction.

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